Innovative Screening System

No Spline, Easy Installation, No Fuss

What we do

We bring the outdoors in with Screeneze™

Unobstructed views

Let us screen your Pation Enclosure and use the space all year around without the bugs.  With our amazing screening system, you can have unobstructed views.

Flexible design

The patented screening system allows for a flexible design that fits most applications.  Whether it be for a covered patio, enclosure, lanai, porch, or deck.

Cost effective

Not only is the screening system cost effective, it will add tremendous value to your outdoor livingspace.  Let’s be honest, nobody wants to  feel “caged in”.

Picture Window


Can span openings up to 150 square feet (3x the norm)

allowing you to have unobstructed views

No Spline System

It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric.

This makes the system much more durable then the traditional spline systems.

Very Versatile


Due to the flexible design, the screening system can be installed on the inside,

outside or center of the opening.


This allows for easy repairs and the need for scaffolding.


A better screening system period!  Do quality design the first time. The innovative design is stronger and more durable than orginary screening systems.  Made in the USA, uses no spline and lives up to it’s name.  The SCREENEZE™ system helps maintain the screens integrity. While the system is not structural, it does attach to your Patio or Lanai structural opening, It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric.

  • No Spline
  • Very Durable
  • Can Span Openings up to 150 sq ft 
  • Picture Window 
  • It’s Versatility 
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Repairs to Screen Frabic 

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Using spline makes screening difficult and with the weather in Florida, screen repairs are often needed until now!  With the NO spline screening system, you will never go back to the traditional way of screening your screen enclosure.

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When we found SCREENEZE™,  we knew we had to be part of the new way of screening and bring the outdoors in. 

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Innovative Screening System for your covered Patio or Porch.

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