Patio Screen Doors With a View

French Screen Doors
French Screen Doors

Adding a Screen Door to your patio enclosure makes outdoor living even more accessible.

We recommend PCA Screen doors because they are not only made from handcrafted Heavy Duty Aluminum, the designs give unobstructed views.  With our screening system, PCA Screen doors offer the perfect solution to bring the outdoors in.

The Screen Doors are Powered Coated and we offer 4 Colors:  White, Sand, Clay and Bronze, matching the screening system color of your choice. Whether you choose from a single or french door style, enjoy the convenience of adding a pet door for your dog or cat. 

We sell the most durable screening system and screen doors in West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding Cities.


Canoe Creek

Door style_Canoe Creek
Single Screen Door_Canoe Creek

Still Waters

Door Style_Still Waters
Single Screen Door_Still Waters

French Screen Door

french screen door
Most door styles can become a french screen door

Built-In Pet Doors For All Sizes of Dogs And Cats

PCA hand-crafted aluminum screen doors provide the added convenience of pet doors.  The pet doors feature a hard plastic door with locks at the bottom to secure the doors when needed. There are no extra panels that have to be stored until it is time to lock the door.

They also feature powerful magnetic flap closures and come in 2 colors -- white and bronze. Bronze is a particularly good color choice for heavy use environments like kennels.

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Medium Pet Door

Large Pet Door

Pet Door Size Chart

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