Patio Screening System for your Screened in Patio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL & the surrounding Cities.

Screened in Patio
See the outdoors - not aluminium posts. SCREENEZE® offers unobstructed views

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Looking to Bring Indoor Living to the Great Outdoors™ ?

Screened in patio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL let's you use your outdoor space all year round without all the pest.  You can have unobstructed views, with our incredible NO spline screening system. SCREENEZE® is not structural, it is designed to be attached to your patio, porch or lanai structural openings.  It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric. This makes the system much more durable then the traditional spline systems.

The screened in patio screening system allows for a versatile design that fits most applications.  Whether it be for a covered patio enclosure, lanai, porch, deck, or gazebos. Unlike a traditional screened in patio enclosure that require aluminum post to be 6.0' to 8.0' foot on center, our innovative system can span openings up to 150 square feet (3x the norm) allowing for versatility.

Whether you are a DIY or would like for our sister company to screen in your patio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the surrounding area, really see what your back yards has to offer verus looking at those ugly aluminum post.

Screened in patio with a radius openings
SCREENEZE® Flatbar is used for radius openings.

Our screening system is available in 4 colors:  White, Sand, Bronze and Clay

Screened in Patio System comes in 4 colors

Does your Screened in Patio in Palm Beach Garden, FL need Re-screening or a New View?

The Team at Coastal Screen Products can help you retro fit your current screened in patio enclosure in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl & the surrounding areas.  There is a better screening system in town where spline is no longer used for your covered patio.

ScreenEze® is perfect for residents of the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area who want to really see into their backyard and not feel caged in.  Coastal Screen Products is a family-run company who's founding member is a state licensed building contractor and has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. So you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience to know when we have a great product when we see one. 

Our screening system is changing the way screened in patio are done in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Because ScreenEze® is so versatile and comes in 4 different colors, your screened in project can be completed with ease and on budget. 

When it comes to screened in patio enclosures in  Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Coastal Screen Products is the one changing Homeowner's backyard view.  Why settle for  aluminum post 6.0' on center when you can bring the outdoors in? 

Say NO to Spline and YES to SCREENEZE®

Why Choose for This?  ......... When

You Can Have This?

  Why Choose for This?  ......... When  

You Can Have This?

Our innovated screening system is not only cost effective but perfect for your screened in patio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL., adding tremendous value to Your outdoor living space.  Let's be honest, nobody wants to look at aluminium framing and feel like they are "caged in" when you truly can bring the outdoors in. 

While every screened in patio or lanai screening projects differ, the average installed cost is approximately $5.75/sf

We looking forward to helping you screen in your patio and bring indoor living to the great outdoors in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the surrounding Palm Beach County areas.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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